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Badr Museum in Farafra Oasis



At the heart of an Oasis, lies Farafra, a small yet unique setting for any visitors wishing to visit the old Egypt traditions and customs dating back many centuries. To ensure visitors that they get a real insight into these times, the Badr’s Heritage Museum in Farafra gives a truly wonderful and informative look at this period. 



Farafra Egypt and the Badr’s Heritage Museum is situated in the Western Desert region and not far from the White Desert making it very accessible for tours. On approach to the Museum which is about 3 kilometres east of the town of Farafra, you will be greeted by a site which looks rather like a giant sandcastle which gives the museum a unique aspect. 


History and what to see: 

located in Farafra Oasis, Mr Badr Abdel-Moghni is a native of the Oasis, a self-taught artist who encapsulates the local life in sculpture, oil and watercolours. He has shaped models out of local clay into postures illustrating the crafts and pastimes of the people of Farafra and exhibits them in a custom-built museum, together with a collection of local objects. He is also a mine of information about the life and culture of the oasis.Some of Badr’s most striking work is in local sandstone which he carves into distinctive figures and features.

I am lucky, because I have met with Mr. Badr by himself more times, and we are friends. He is a wonderful artist, an intelligent and interesting friendly man. His products are impressive very much. 

Mr. Badr said: 'My art is what I wish for my oasis. I can do nothing about the concrete and government policy, but here in my fantasy I can preserve oasis life'.


Badr paints and sculpts - fantastic characterisations of real people, and gains inspiration from the desert around him - the colours, the wood, the rocks and the sand. His art is raw and genuine and it was extraordinary to meet a man with so much passion - for life and his oasis. 




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Szeptember / 2022



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